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Remove the headache of music licensing by using our services to save you time, effort and money. If you're looking for a sound & feel that your normal channels just can't find, get in touch with us.

Need a special composition? Beaming Productions represents professional composers for feature film, theatre, TV & commercials.

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Representing a constantly expanding & wide ranging catalogue (independent, production, commercial, indie & experimental music) with the ability to find music to fit briefs quickly. Our library consists of music that sits outside the norm, allowing our clients to have a musical edge over their competitors. Beaming productions has pre-cleared music from hundreds of artists, plus solid relationships with labels and publishers worldwide.

We work with Level Two Music in Australia, and other agencies in the EU, allowing our users access to a wide range of copyright holders for any budget.

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* Looking for music/composition for your TV/film/commercial production? Feel free to send in your query or brief.

* Artists & publishers, get in touch to send your music (any style) via the email contact below.


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